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Number of Trucks 0-3 4 or more 4 or more
Create Work Orders yes yes yes
Dispatching yes yes yes
Driver Time Clock yes yes yes
Live Map yes yes yes
Route Replay yes yes yes
Customizable Work Flow yes yes yes
One Touch Driving Directions yes yes yes
Photos and Notes yes yes yes
Driver’s App yes yes yes
Customer Management yes yes yes
Signature Collection yes yes yes
Edit Work Orders in the Field yes yes yes
Completed Service Documentation yes yes yes
Online Training Portal yes yes yes
Accounting Integration yes yes
Estimate/Invoice Creation yes yes
Reporting yes yes
Messaging System yes yes
Electronic Driver Logs yes yes
Payment Processing yes yes
Fuel Tracking yes yes
Truck Inspections yes yes
Inventory Management yes yes
8″ Samsung Tablet yes
Cradle yes
Suction Cup Mount yes
Intelliskin Case yes
2 GB Data yes

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Our Big Bold Guarantee details: Requires minimum of 30 days of daily use. Submit prior month fuel invoice when starting. Fuel purchases must be tracked through ServiceWarrior. Submit fuel invoice for the month of service.